Dark Word Scrabble Wall Deco

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  Product Details and Content

  • 23,6" x 23,6" (60cmx60cm) black matte plaque, 29,5 x 23,6" (75cmx60cm) with 4 black matte metal player cues
  • 100 wooden letter pieces and pece pouch
  • 2 pieces of halk

If you are one of those who wants to overestimate the  walls at home or Office you are unlimited in artronauts but will need an extraordinary counsel in order to transform your space into a lulu form with a unique hangable object. A genuine architects idea, Dark Scrabble Wall Deco, offers you that original touch with its clear and shimmering design.

This concept has been created in way of fathering social venues, provides group activities with a stylish look folding the scrabble game and interior decoration.

Dark Scrabble Wall Deco is offering both an eye-catching swanky decorative object and cheerful hours to spend with your friends.

High quality black matte metal plaque, piece pouch and wooden magnetic pieces are all feels luxurious.

Just as you set your deco on your wall you can start your rhapsodic game quickly as you will also receive two pieces of chalk  in your box.  Dark Scrabble Wall Deco is waiting to mesmerize your wall at home or Office, wherever you wish.

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