Ram The Goat 3D Metal Art


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Untouchable with his stubborn and rebellious spirit; RAM Metal Goat Head Wall Decoration, which is the choice of those who like to go the roads that nobody goes, and who prefer solitude away from the crowds …

Size :  92x56x30 cm  (36.2" x 22" x 11.8"

Weight : 2400 gr

Colour: Matte Black

Material : 0.5 mm Metal

• 100% Assembly by hand

• Heat and moisture resistant dye on 0.8 mm metal plate

Designed by Ottockraft

Best gift idea for family or friends.

All products delivered ready to hang, no installation required.

Every product has own special serrated part on the back to hang easily.

The product is assembled as one-coloured, black. If you demand to paint another colour or use antiquing or corrosion technique , it can be sent without paint.

There may be 5 – 10 mm frisking in hand made products.

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