There Is Nothing To Lose Combined Glass Print

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Product Details and Content
2x  40x40 Glass Print
2x  60x60 Glass Print
1x  110x70 Glass Print
6 Adjustable Steel Hangers
Special mounting ruler for make easy to mount products measuring only 110×70 cm

-High quality digital printing with the world's highest quality Durst UV printing machine of German origin
-Stylish, sturdy packaging
- UV printing with longest fade resistance with original European
inks *
- Tempered glass with 4 mm thickness which is 10 times more
resistant to breakage than normal glasses
- Rounded edges
- Direct UV printing on glass surface with a special technique
-The elegance of the glass surface

-Steel hanging apparatus specially designed by Insigne Art to
prevent accidental fall

How to Assemble

Endurance Test 1

Endurance Test 2

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