Metal Clock Motif

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Product details and content:

  • Diameter: 50cm (19,7")
  • Luxurious Outlook and good textured 2mm thickness black matte metal material
  • High quality silent clock mechanism
Folding simple and chic  lines together is most elegant way to finish decoration. If you aim to prosper your life space with a wall deco, you exactly need those lines. Unique metal wall clock designs, wall clock selection, clock figure is one of this collection and assumes this act on its dainty.
While reminding you of time, this product was created to fold your life space and decoration together and points up your wall with its functional, elegant and attractive being.
Dressy lines, black elegancy and classy metalic sense are collected peculiarly. You can set it up exactly as you dream with hidden hangers. You could choose gib color and accessories in silver or gold according to your like.
Unique designs, amazing clock figure, ready to be set up and waiting to pep up energy at home or office.

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